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Pencil and Ink Sketches 1 - Edition of 300

Pencil and Ink Sketches 1 - By Noobovich

Size: 23x15 CM
Pages: 231
Cover: Hardcover
Quantity: 300

Within these pages, I present three of my sketchbooks spanning from 2019 to the present year of 2024. Selected from the 300 scanned pages are the most captivating sketches, offering a glimpse into the evolution of my artistic style over the years, commencing with Inktober 2019 and branching into diverse thematic explorations.

Every effort was made to enhance the quality of the scanned pages, considering the variations in paper types across the sketchbooks. Interestingly, I found myself redoing the scanning and cleaning process in Photoshop after realizing that the initial scan lacked optimal quality.

Contained within this compilation are familiar illustration concepts alongside early ideations and experimental sketches, each serving as a stepping stone towards potential future artworks. Throughout my journey, I experimented with various ink pens and brushes before settling on the blue/red Mitsubishi pencils as my preferred tools.

The process of curating this book and revisiting these sketches has been immensely enjoyable, and I sincerely hope that you, too, derive inspiration and enjoyment from it.

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Pencil and Ink Sketches 1 - Edition of 300



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